Stepping to Live

Here was a man who couldn’t find his music

So he dragged his voice at his feet

But Heavens always came apart

Whenever his voice rose above his navel

Here was a man careful with emotions

He liked to keep them in his breast pocket

warm and close by

While he wrote down carefully in blood an History of Anger

Tracing through his genealogy the impetuous rivers of Anger

He liked walking in long strides

Trying to bring life to himself with every step

He glowed at night

And burned during the day

Because tomorrow never comes

So burn, he says

Burn because tomorrow never comes



I woke up this morning feeling extraordinaire

Extraordinaire because my anger had returned

And let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasant reunion

It was anger that led me to burn my life by the both ends

It was anger that led me to explode for every little bump

It was anger that squeezed my heart and blurred my vision

And I wouldn’t know North from South

Whenever people tried to reach out to me

All I wanted to see was red and not yellow

To cut this story short

Anger was my fuel but too unstable for company

So I put it under lock threw away the key

And I started wearing a stupid grin everywhere

Receiving in exchange standing ovations

For how quick I bowed my head

But now anger is back

And I feel extraordinaire

It’s more than likely that I will hurt myself and others

Because man’s anger doesn’t do God’s justice

But I’m not a holy man despite my lofty goals

So I will keep my anger turned down low

Because it will be a pity

To set this world aflame


I didn’t do it

Anger held me by the neck

and launched me like a cannon ball

I landed on a field of roses and killed some of them

they rolled me over

and proceeded to change me inside out

From a serpent to a dove

So that I can tell you

I did do it

and I’m not the man I thought I was.