Comatose or How Long Before I Pull the Plug on this Blog

The heart monitor shows hills and valleys that look different from one another

the Sodium Chloride bags are changed every two hours providing the necessary fluids

A foley catheter collects dutifully urine

the eyes twitch behind the eyelids

the skin is moist and pale

sponge bath and toileting are given by rough and soft hands daily

moans, throat sounds, snoring, farting sometimes escape

the watch continues

the life beeps and beeps away

in this white, clinical temple

Traffic sounds, party chatters, family feuds, fashion trends press against the glass doors

California drought, genocides and Hillary Clinton, queen of America shout from the TV

wake up

wake up

Make us swoon again under the moon

Blow us kisses from across the room

Make us forget the coming doom

Never die like a TV cartoon


human waste in waters: News poem

Westside Portland’s waters contained low but threatening levels of E. Coli
Symptoms include fever, diarhhea and death in worst cases
It comes from animal or human shit
There’s no cure for human or animal shit or bacteria
It’s malignant and resilient
Water bottle companies saw increased profit sales over the weekend
Nothing like human or animal shit or bacteria to remind the good citizens that water aint free
Darfur war due to water shortages caused several hundreds of thousands deaths

This was death knocking a hundred of thousands times and making it every single time

This was one soul, two souls and a hundred of thousands souls
The average American individual consumes 159 gallons of water while more than half the world consumes 25 gallons of water

The average American industry energy consumption should drive us mad, make us sick and leave us trembling
Facts are fat sometimes
You stack them like fast food one on top of the other
You open wide and swallow them,
Your stomach has enough acid to break them down.
Your body like the earth is made primarily of water
Little Hydrogens bonding with cute Oxygens to make plenty of Hs and Os.
So let us pause and
Pray our heart out
For water that washes, that purifies and fills us up
Water can’t be made, but is always bought
Oil can’t be made, but is always bought
Remember: for every Thing the Earth makes, blood is dripping somewhere.

Long time no see

It’s been at least 14 days since I posted something on this blog. Life got in the way. Kony 2012 got in the way. School assignments got in my way. My love didn’t get in my way. My family didn’t either. Trayvon Martin didn’t either. I will spare us both with links to the Kony 2012 and Trayvon Martin because this post isn’t about them and yet they hover over and around me and you as we go through our usual routines.

Another news  that isn’t tragic as those ones, I finally got my Masters In English. Yes, I am a Master and English is my servant, but I don’t know if I speak English or English speaks me. I could say the same thing about Swahili, French and Lingala. Where does my identity starts and language ends? I’m sure it helps to have an expressive face and use gestures when we speak but what if instead of air as a way to make sound travel, we used water or ground or stone?

I have been feeling light lately and you must know it’s not that easy with my weight. It seems like every educational achievement I make has been defining my growth as a person. I have read somewhere that school is a brainwashing institution that helps create docile citizens who will continue to uphold the system in place that keeps the few happy and the rest of us miserable. I’m paraphrasing. Well, I think they have done an amazing job with me because I enjoyed school or is it the camaraderie and the intellectual challenges that I actually enjoyed? If it’s the latter ones, I would gladly go through the same brainwashing again. Something else I have read is that there’s no outside of the matrix or the system (But hey, that’s exactly what THEY would want you to believe! ). You can argue, fight or bleed for a different system, but you will always end up with another set of flaws or problems.

There’s a reason why I started off by talking about those tragic events because I have been thinking about what shape or form my agency in this world should take. I have had my share of pains and joys over the few number of years I have lived on this Earth and there’s no greater change that’s ever been than the one that happens inside of me. If I am good to someone, I think my purpose on this Earth has been achieved. I still don’t know how to be good to anyone, but I don’t stop trying. News are what they are news. At the end of this year, the LRA victims would still need to eat, to go to school, to find jobs like any one of us. Trayvon Martin’s family will find a way to come to terms with their loss ( the conviction of Zimmerman and/or financial remuneration will never replace it, but they help) and the rest of us will keep on doing what we been doing.

Nothing new under the Sun. Read the pages of History (however misinformed it could be), and remember you are not the first or the last or the only one facing what you are facing so strap on your boots and just do it.

Photo credit: Daily struggle