Bull’s Eyes


Fingers and feet don’t know what to do with themselves

When you have to be a stone

Waiting for the rain to turn you into a flower

Waiting for rain with open lips and hands

Sometimes the fidgeting turns into a dance

To loosen the limbs, the head and the heart

And endless swirling into the pulse of one’s heart

Sometimes lying flat and throbbing

Your iron will throws at the phlegmatic sky your own virgin blood

Instead of rolling down the hills to seek pleasure

By striking the rock for water to come out

Or you could be a black and white photo

An immortal gaze watching time zip by

A teardrop falling into a black hole

While ears wait and sweat

To hear the sound of contact

They wait for the rain and put life and death on hold

To make sure your eyes are on the ball

Following the ball

Moving with the ball at all times


Stepping to Live

Here was a man who couldn’t find his music

So he dragged his voice at his feet

But Heavens always came apart

Whenever his voice rose above his navel

Here was a man careful with emotions

He liked to keep them in his breast pocket

warm and close by

While he wrote down carefully in blood an History of Anger

Tracing through his genealogy the impetuous rivers of Anger

He liked walking in long strides

Trying to bring life to himself with every step

He glowed at night

And burned during the day

Because tomorrow never comes

So burn, he says

Burn because tomorrow never comes

Souvenirs Part 2

papa faisant marcher Joy


His eyes were drinking the last sunlight of the day.

A tableau nouveau was up in the sky.

The joys he felt gave him blurred fragments of his life:

This isn’t as bad as it seems,

There’s a faded picture of his father walking the child he was

The picture swells up and its occupants come alive

The smells, the birds outside, the meaningless sounds of the father to the child

Eyes rolled back, he relives that moment and wishes it to stay

But that moment fades like all the best things he’s ever had

Loss had dug valleys on his face

The sun, the moon and the stars played in his eyes

And despite the seduction of complete surrender

He breathed  and lived every breath.

Custom to Personalized Settings

I have nowhere to fit my heart these days

I have jammed so many locks

And my heart carries all the bruises

But I don’t know what to do with it

Other than let it curve my back

Because of its weight

My hands have turned black from messing with it

I have tried serving my heart at family reunions

But even the dog would have none of it

At work, I’m constantly on the chopping block

Customers complain there’s something fishy about me

Despite how beautiful my smile is

So I have set up a little stand at pioneer square

Heart for sale!

A kiss and it’s all yours!

You can take it home with you

And convert it to personalized settings

There’s no return policy though

So make sure to consume it thoroughly

Now as you were.

A White Disk in a Dark Sea of Stars

I looked at the moon the other night

A white disk in a dark sea of stars

And thought about the building blocks of life

My depression has been dragging me

To a well of fruitless contemplation lately

But I hated empty time

So I filled the hours with philosophical arrows

Trying to pin this angst

But this is a river to follow

While I try to keep my balance

In stormy or sunny days

I had to keep my mind in line

And hope to catch a sea monster at the end of the line

Just to have some salt in my otherwise poor diet

I have so much and yet so little

My eyes always starving for light

And my heart gasping after divine sight

Every day I ask Death on a date

Just to refuse Him a kiss when Life callsA

Empty Sky

You don’t go to the sun anymore

You close the blinds and hide behind the covers

While your shadow grows fat and happy

You don’t answer when I call

And I have myself to blame

Last thing I told you was

“our lives are greater than the sum of our time together”

Seasons come in and out and you were nowhere to be found

I decided to break through the door one day

Only to find your shadow largely happy all over your place

You had left a note saying:

“You were my sun but I wasn’t your star

So I had to leave the sky empty”

Je Te Presentes…

I’m the only person I can’t run away from

I have blacked out all the mirrors

I spent months in a coma avoiding myself

We just don’t click

Me, myself and I

Despite a lifetime together

I still remember noticing you for the first time

If I knew what I know now

I guess you live and learn

I know better than to take myself seriously

You wouldn’t either if you knew what I know about myself

I always come armed when we meet

You can’t be too safe when you have been hanging around yourself

As long as I have been around myself

But every morning he tells me to give him another chance

And I’m too full of myself

To say no to myself

So I tell myself pretty lies

The ones that make me forget who I am

One day I will learn to swallow all of me

Before I leak out of this world